Vientiane, Laos

Center Infectiology Lao-Christophe Mérieux: CILM

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Health Sciences

Laos has high levels of hepatitis B and C infection; at least 10% of the population is thought to be infected. In Vientiane, Laos, two institutions which are part of the Lao PDR Ministry of Health are research sites. CILM is focused on tackling infectious disease, particularly HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis and respiratory diseases, developing diagnostic tools and promoting high quality training. It has a BioBank containing thousands of hepatitis B and C and HIV serums. In the Coclican project, this plasma will be analysed for metabolomic markers, and the patients surveyed to understand their therapeutic itinerary. The Faculty of Pharmacy is a teaching institution, part of the University of Health Sciences.

CILM and FoP staff travel to UT3, ULB and KTU for training in echography and metabolomics, and to work on plasma analysis. Staff from ULB, IRD and APHP are seconded to Laos in order to teach university staff, assist with data analysis and provide echography training.


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