Dr. Sysay Palamy from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Vientiane has spent 2 months in Kaunas University of Technology, learning about extraction techniques and metabolomics. Here’s his story of the secondment!

I have learned many things in scientific research at Department of Food Science and Technology, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. Prof. Rimantas and his team are very kind.  I carried out research on the extraction techniques in advance methods and assays of biomarkers from viral hepatitis to liver cancer. The extraction process used was supercritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide. CO2-insoluble residues from plasma samples were further fractionated by pressurized liquid extraction. The plasma samples were extracted in three fractions (hexane, acetone and ethanol). The organic solvents were dried under nitrogen, then dissolved the residues of each sample with methanol and determined by UHPLC-MS. The results from superimposed and MS- chromatograms were sent to l’UMR152, Faculty of Pharmacy, Toulouse, France to interpret biomarkers from the chromatogram.

I visited many places during my secondment in Lithuania, a very nice country in Europe. The food is very delicious. It is very convenient for travel by public transport in the city and outside. Here I am visiting the Ninth Fort and old town in Kaunas city, and the sea at Nida and Klaipeda.

Everybody was very kind to me. Prof Rimantas and his wife Danute took me for dinner, and to visit their garden and some places in Kaunas. The people in the basement laboratory made a cake and gave me a present before returning to Laos!

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