The echOpen team is based in Paris inside Hôtel Dieu hospital. echOpenis an open and collaborative project and community, led by a multidisciplinary core of experts and senior professionals with the aim of designing an affordable and open source echo-hstethoscope connected to a smartphone. echOpen is designed for use in developing countries, and is an important part of the Coclian project. Over the next year, staff from Laos and Peru will be involved in using and testing the device as a method of diagnosing HCC. Marie-Laure Baranne introduces echOpen below.

Mehdi Benchoufi and Olivier De Freynoyes, the co-founders of echOpen

The echOpen association was created in 2015 in order to make medical imaging accessible to a large number of healthcare professionals anytime and anywhere. Since the beginning of the project, echOpen has been open-source and multi-disciplinary, working towards sharing useful technologies and support with medical communities.

echOpen is focused on echostethoscopy, a medical practice based on imagery using ultrasound technology to provide a visual exploration of the inside of the body during clinical examination. Echostethoscopy does not replace a complementary exam such as an ultrasound scan, but allows any trained healthcare professional (doctors, midwives, nurses) to carry out diagnosis.

To make echostethoscopy available to all, echOpen is based on four pillars:
1/ An affordable and ultra-portable ultrasound probe (echostethoscope) connected to a smartphone or a tablet
2/ Online and in-person training for healthcare professionals
3/ Clinical research to assess the relevance of echostethoscopy in different context of use
4/ A worldwide and multidisciplinary community of both contributors and users

echOpen training and development is currently underway, and we’re looking forward to see how collaboration with the Coclican project can assist in the early detection of liver cancer!

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